doi 10.18503/2311-8318-2016-2(31)-23-26

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Modern industrial site linear production of main gas pipelines management is a complex technical system of hazardous production facilities, one of the elements of which is the reliability of power supply, the technical condition, which affects the continuity and safety of production processes. The task of ensuring the reliability of power supply system includes a set of technical, economic and organizational measures aimed at reducing the damage caused by violations of normal operation of electricity consumers. The paper proposes to modernize the power supply scheme of the production site, using existing backup diesel power plant, which would automatically provide power supply for the industrial site in the automatic mode with the disappearance, reducing, increasing the voltage level, phase failure, violation of order of phase rotation of the supply three-phase voltage on the bus sections.


Power supply, evaluation of technical condition, reliability, backup diesel power plant, technological communication center, the main gas pipeline.

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