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For all time of application of controlled electric drive systems, which are based on semiconductor elements, thyristor converters proved to be the most reliable and cost-effective systems. Thyristor voltage converters (TVC) are used more often as soft starters for powerful asynchronous electric drives and are promising for use as systems with an economizer and also for the development of drive speed control devices. But unfortunately, the use of TVC leads to high harmonic distortions of the shape of the current consumed. The excessively consumed reactive power, DC consumption, current pulses lead to additional losses of electrical energy in the elements of the power-supply system, accelerate the aging of insulation of current-carrying parts of equipment and negatively affect its electromagnetic compatibility. And, if for soft starter with rare starts of the drive these effects can be neglected, then for a soft starter with frequent starts and systems where the TVC remains in the work after acceleration, they must be taken into account. This paper describes a solution aimed at compensating harmonic distortions of the consumable current in systems with a TVC. The main element of the proposed device is an active energy filter (AEF). It is based on IGBT-switches controlled by a relay current regulator (or a hysteresis regulator). The authors carried out an analytical overview of compensation process, the harmonic distortion of the current with AEF, considered its structure and selected components. The operation of a TVC with the compensation device was investigated by mathematical simulation in a MATLAB Simulink software. The paper presents the mathematical model, comparative energy characteristics and analysis of the harmonic composition of the current for TVC and TVC with AEF. The research group evaluated the possibilities and efficiency of application of the proposed device operating with the motor soft starter.


Controlled electric drive, thyristor voltage converter, motor soft starter, economizer, harmonic distortion, losses of electric energy, compensation of harmonic distortion, active energy filter, relay current regulator, mathematical simulation, MATLAB Simulink, electrical grid.

Victor N. Meshcheryakov

D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Federal State-financed Educational Institution of Higher Learning «Lipetsk State Technical University», Lipetsk, Russia.

Alexei M. Evseev

Postgraduate Student, Federal State-financed Educational Institution of Higher Learning «Lipetsk State Technical University», Lipetsk, Russia.

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