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Modern shovel electric drive designed as “thyristor converter-motor” (TCM) system should be used along with a filter-compensating device (FCD). On the basis on the practical experience it was concluded that in terms of the applied scheme simplicity and reliability, step type FCD showed the best results on the quarry shovels. Usage of FCD provides the necessary quality of the electric energy and the power factor tgφ = 0.33÷0. The imitation model in the complex Matlab/Simulink for the FCD control algorithms study and their influence on the electric energy quality measures was developed considering digital control system features realization and power part of the electric drives operation. The real graphs of the shovel EKG-12К operation were used as setting and disturbing signals. To confirm the relevance, real-life graphs were compared with the modeling results. Three main methods of the FCD activation control signal development were studied: by the electric drives reactive power, by the feedback signals of armature current and voltage regulators. Because the shovel electric drives are separated between the two power transformers with their own FCD, for each method there were suggested three ways to control them: separated and joint stage inclusion, by the maximal or the summary signal. Relationships for the task level and the length of the power line 6 kV for the time changing of the stage inclusion were received. The electric energy quality and energy measures were studied. Their dependence on the length of the power line was obtained.


Filter-compensating device, dredge electric drive, thyristor converter.

Eduard L. Grekov

Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of automated electric drive, electromechanical and electrical, Orenburg State University, Orenburg, Russia.

Sergey I. Filimonov S.I.

Assistant Professor, Shukhov Belgorod state technological university, Belgorod, Russia.

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