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The features of developing the gas networks in Russia and the working regimes of electric drives of gas pumping units at the compressor stations of main gas pipeline were reviewed. The results of multivariate analysis and comparison of existing technology of turbo-compressors megawatt-class drives by major energy characteristics were described. The existing fleet of electric drives for compressors and data for implementation of the most effective and science-based projects using new principles and control algorithms for technologically related electric driven units were represented. Prospective lines of improving the electric drives of superchargers in the process of upgrading in triggering modes, regulation and diagnostics for reliability growth and energy efficiency of main gas pipeline growth were offered. Case studies of implementation energy efficiency electric driven gas pumping units at the compressor stations of main gas pipelines in Russia were reviewed.


Compressor station, gas pumping unit, electric drive, frequency regulation, synchronous motor, upgrading, energy saving, energy efficiency.

Krjukov Oleg Viktorovich – Ph.D.(Eng.), Chief specialist OJSC "Giprogascenter", Russia.

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