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The key role in solving the problem of reliability assurance of the main and auxiliary equipment is played by the introduction of up-to-date vibration control means and protection from exces-sive vibration. Specialists of JSC "KonsOM SKS" developed and imple-mented stationary vibration system for maining rolling mill drive in workshop № 4 of OJSC "MMK". The system monitors the root mean square value (rms) of vibration in accordance with GOST ISO 10816-1-1997.


Stationary vibration system, rolling mill, controller, bearing, vibration sensor, temperature sensor, mnemonic scheme.

Panov Alexander Nikolaevich – Ph.D.(Eng.), CJSC «KonsOM SKS», Magnitogorsk. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ishmetyev Evgeny Nikolaevich – D.Sc. (Eng.), Strategic Development director, CJSC «KonsOM SKS», Magnitogorsk.

Chistjakov Dmitrij Vladimirovich – Ph.D. in Sociology, chief executive officer, CJSC "KonsOM SKS", Magnitogorsk.

Korobeinikov Stanislav Mikhailovich – CJSC «KonsOM SKS», Magnitogorsk.

Guzei Kseniya Evgenievna – CJSC «KonsOM SKS», Magnitogorsk, Russia.

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