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It was noted that the introduction of monitoring systems and diagnostic systems of technical state of power transformers is an urgent task included into the list of modernization issues at the OJSC “MMK”. The author considered the diagnostic methods applied in the stationary system of on-line control of technical state of 80 MVA transformer of the CHP power unit. The research group justified the functions, proposed the modular structure and developed the general functional scheme of the system. The design of the system was considered. Diagnostic information is supplied by the electromagnetic sensors of partial discharge installed at high-voltage leads, by acoustic sensors of partial discharge, by temperature detectors of upper and lower layers of oil and by other stationary measuring devices. To carry out the analysis of the state of the oil, the author used an analyzer of moisture content and dissolved gases content, Hydran М2. Gathering and processing of information was performed using TDM P034 system adjusted to the conditions of the main transformer. The developed system is distinguished by acoustic monitoring of the discharge, which is provided by special sensors installed on the transformer tank. The author noted high efficiency of introducing stationary monitoring systems as compared with periodic maintenance.


Combined heat power plant, power unit, transformer, technical state, test parameters, control, stationary system, functions, requirements, structure, development, implementation, technical-and-economic efficiency.

Nikolaev A.A.

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