doi 10.18503/2311-8318-2016-2(31)-44-47

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The research group developed a mechatronic system of a steam turbine power plant at OJSC "MMK" quenching tower, which generates and accumulates electric power and feeds lighting systems. A study of daily technological cycle of coke cooling in a quenching tower was carried out to determine the optimum location of the steam turbine and the generator. The authors calculated the power of the steam turbine with the optimum wheel diameter with five blades and offered two options for power supply from the DC generator and from the synchronous generator with permanent magnets. The optimal capacity and the number of rechargeable batteries in the station were calculated. The calculation of the payback period of the project was carried out.


Mechatronic system, steam turbine, power station, station battery, quenching tower, voltage inverter.

Gavrilov E.S., Yakimov I.A., Fomin N.V., Linkov S.A.

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