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The article is concerned with analysis of the forces acting on the work-piece (ball) from the electromagnetic field of the inductor during its movement in the process of axially symmetric induction heating for heat treatment. The finite element method (FEM) and FEMM software package were used to model the dynamics of the magnetic field of the inductor and to develop a mutual mathematical model of the inductor and the workpiece. This made it possible to determine the effect of various factors such as the frequency and magnitude of the inductor current, the geometric parameters of the inductor, physical parameters of the material of the inductor and the ball and position the ball in the heating process on the magnitude of the electromagnetic force acting on the workpiece. The resulting expression is fundamental in terms of analysis of the influence of the electromagnetic forces on the kinematics of the movement of the ball in the axially symmetric induction heating for further heat treatment. The results of this study are particularly relevant in the development of induction heating process for axially symmetric induction heating of metal spherical shape in the mass production of grinding media for mining and processing mills and cement plants, balls of rolling bearings, valves, hydraulic systems, including highly wear-resistant balls in reverse valves for oil well pumps, etc.


Inductor analysis, kinematics, ball, induction heating, electromagnetic forces.

Viktor N. Meshcheryakov

D.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of the department, Department of Automatic Electric Drive, Lipetsk State Technical Univer-sity, Lipetsk Russia.

Sergey S. Titov

Ph.D. (Eng.), General manager, «NPP Sistema48» Research and Production Enterprise Ltd (Lipetsk), Lipetsk Russia.

Daniil V. Bezdenezhnykh

Ph.D. (Eng.), Chief Engineer, «NPP Sistema48» Research and Production Enterprise Ltd (Lipetsk), Lipetsk Russia.

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