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One of the main features in the modern energy development is the use of distributed generation industrial enterprises. In the structure of factory power supply, large generating nodes arise significantly complicating the operational mode management. One of the most complex modes is the output of such a node with a load on a separate operation from a power system. Subject to the long existence of such a mode and evaluation of its permissibility, it is necessary to evaluate the static stability of synchronous generators. To analyze the static stability of industrial generators, an improved algorithm has been developed that takes into account the peculiarities of industrial load and automatic regulators of factory power plants. The values of the regulating effect of characteristic electrical receivers at metallurgical production are obtained. Sustainability analysis was carried out using the KATRAN software package on the example of a factory power plant having a complex configuration. The possibility of separate work from the power system is determined depending on the equipment composition and the reserve coefficient of static sustainability in various operational modes. The effectiveness of the operation of automatic control systems for synchronous generators is estimated. Recommendations were obtained to improve the division automation reliability in the framework of an industrial power plant. Events have been developed to improve the management efficiency of the power plant mode during separation from the power system.


Factory synchronous generator, static stability, software package, automatic excitation regulator, automatic speed controller, parallel operation, separate work, separating automation.

Olga V. Gazizova

Ph.D. (Engineering), Associate Professor, Department of Electric Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises, Power Engineering and Automated Systems Institute, Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, Magnitogorsk, Russia. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ORCID:

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