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The aim of the research work is to limit dynamic loads of electro-mechanical systems of rolling mill stand rolls operating with impact application of load. The investigations were carried out using data from the electric drive of a reverse stand of the plate mill 5000 of the PJSC “Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works” (PJSC “MMK”). It is noted the problem is really urgent due to the increase of the product range and introduction of new rolled products from difficult-to-form steel grades. The research group found that the cause of the over-tolerance dynamic loads during metal pick up by the rolls was the angular gaps in the power transmission. The paper considers the mechanism of impact origination in spindle junctions at the moment of closing of the angular gap. It was shown that at present the main way to limit them is to pick up metal in the mode of electric drive acceleration. The research group carried out the analysis of oscillograph records of motor torques and drive shaft torques of the reversing stand of the mill 5000 during metal pickup by the rolls. It was concluded that in spite of the significant limitation of loads, this method can’t provide the necessary reduction in the dynamic torque. It was stated that the main reason of this was overregulation of the torque caused by the setting of the double-loop automatic control system of the electric drive speed. In order to limit this component, a new method was proposed, which surpasses acceleration by the value of the dynamic deviation of the speed control at the impact application of load. Empirical equations were proposed to calculate deviations in the single- and double-integrating automatic control systems of speed. The paper shows oscillograph records of the electric drive coordinates during metal pickup when the developed algorithm was implemented at the rolling mill 5000. The value of the impact load decreased by 1.45 times confirming the technical efficiency of the developed method. To further reduce the dynamic loads, it was recommended to form speed diagrams of the electric drive providing motor breaking with the preset rate after the metal pickup.


Plate rolling mill, reversing stand, the main line, spindle joint, angular play, load, impact application, torque, overregulation, limitation, electric drive, speed, method, system, development, experimental investigations, recommendations.

Vadim R. Gasiyarov

Ph.D. (Engineering), Head of the Department of Mechatronics and Automation, South Ural State University (National Research University), Chelyabinsk, Russia. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ORCID:

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