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Results of research work aimed at selection of freely extended emulators of digital circuits, which can be used as educational software in laboratory classes to study digital machines in such subjects as "Computing systems, networks and telecommunications" and "Computer Architecture" for non-electrotechnical specialties of higher education institutions are provided.

On the basis of bachelor degree educational programs, pedagogical requirements to training programs of the considered subject were developed and then, criteria of comparative analysis of logic diagrams simulators and scales of admissible values were formulated. The criterion weights representing numerical expert estimates of their importance according to the research objective are defined.

A short review of digital simulator analogs, which are common in the Internet, is executed. A practical test, which made it possible to estimate the value of each criterion on the accepted scales, was carried out. The comparative analysis of the normalized numerical values of criterion estimates and informative estimates, normalized to numerical ones, was carried out using the method of complex estimates. The weighed and complex criterion estimates for the compared objects made it possible to reveal "leaders" for application real educational processes and the subsequent expert analysis.


Computer architecture, computing systems, electronic circuit, digital machine, the simulation, EDA, simulator of logic (digital) diagrams, freeware, comparative analysis, method of integrated assessment.

Stashchuk Petr Vladimirovich – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, Magnitogorsk

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