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The purpose of the research is to improve the efficiency of the system for obtaining expert information gained as a result of processing and analysis of images of sulfur prints of a continuous cast billet. The issues solved during the research are analysis of traditional methods of visualization and obtaining of expert information on the quality of continuous cast billet, development of special mathematical and algorithmic tools for image classification of sulfur prints based on formative characteristics of histogram and fuzzy sets. The research was done for continuous casting machines used in process of square continuously cast billets producing from 2011 to 2015. Methods of system analysis were used to find ways to obtain expert information about the quality of continuous cast billet, image processing and classification; fuzzy sets are also used in this research. As a result, the research group introduced formalized description of sulfur print image structure, the cascade method of image classification, efficiency indicator of a new system for obtaining expert information and multi-level adaptive image processing trajectory. The value of efficiency indicator demonstrated that the new system is 25% more efficient than the traditional one.


Graphic information, visualization, image classification, sulfur prints, continuous cast billet.

Posokhov I.A.

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