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It is shown that increasing the energy efficiency class of asynchronous motors in European countries makes it possible to increase the weight of active material. This increases the cost of electric motors. In the Russian Federation the highest energy efficiency class of asynchronous motors is achieved not by increasing the weight of active material, as is common among European manufacturers, but by the redistribution of mass of copper of a single three-phase stator winding into two three-phase windings and the use of small-sized compensating device such as a regulated three-phase capacitor capacitance. To create energy-efficient electric motors, the research group developed mathematical models, algorithms and programs for calculation and optimization of the cost of major repairs of asynchronous motors with energy efficiency class standard IEG60034-30. The technique is based on the account of repair and modernization of asynchronous motors during manufacturing operations. We consider the process steps of traditional maintenance and repair as technological operations with energy efficiency classes of asynchronous motors. Mathematical models calculate labor costs and the cost of material resources. Mathematical models contain the following parameters: nominal data of the repaired engine; dimensions of the magnetic system of the electric machine; coil type; groove shape; staffing the repair site; qualified maintenance personnel; the cost of working time; the duration of technological operations; costs of material resources and their price; coefficient of materials consumption. The calculation results are presented to the user on labor and material costs for each processing operation and repairs as a whole in the form of tables and diagrams. The development makes it possible to prove the feasibility of the modernization of a traditional asynchronous motor to a asynchronous motor with individual compensation of reactive power of high energy class and energy efficiency and to carry out optimization of its development costs. The software package is recommended to professionals and electric machine building and maintenance enterprises.


Mathematical model, algorithm, calculation, optimization, computer software, technology, repair, modernization, induction motor, energy efficiency.

Mugalimov R.G., Zakirova R.A., Mugalimova A.R.

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