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The structure of existing fleet of electric drives for gas pumping units at the main gaslines in Russia was reviewed. The main disadvantages of unregulated electrical units at the compressor stations and the features of most efficient and science-intensive projects with the application of a new principles and algorithms of frequency regulation of the gas transfer parameters, based on for technologically related electrically-driven units were analyzed. Prospective lines of improving the electric drives of superchargers with the application of six variants of high voltage frequency inverter topologies. A functional diagrams and an energetic characteristics of multilevel cascade converters, including the range of harmonic composition of output current and voltage were analyzed. Case studies of implementation high quality power converter equipment and filter compensative devices for electric driven gas pumping units at the compressor stations of main gas pipelines in Russia were reviewed.


Compressor station, gas pumping unit, electric drive, frequency regulation, synchronous motor, upgrading, energy saving, energy efficiency.

Krjukov Oleg Viktorovich – Ph.D.(Eng.), Chief specialist OJSC "Giprogascenter", Russia.

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