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At the end of the last century among alternating-current adjustable drives the greatest distribution was gained by induction motors with a phase rotor. They were established on conveyors and cranes. It was caused by the relative simplicity of regulation of a rotation frequency of the engine by means of impact on a rotor chain. Application of a certain way of regulation in such drives is complicated presently by the fact that the majority of frequency transformers are intended for application in drives as a part of which the induction motor with a short-circuited rotor is established. Short circuit of a phase winding leads briefly to the significant increase in losses in the course of dispersal and speed control of rotation of the engine. If you connect a winding of a casing of an induction motor with a phase rotor to a frequency transformer, and a rotor winding to a link of a direct current of this converter, the engine will have properties of synchronous one. The electric drive gets an opportunity to be used widely, and characteristics of the engine are absolutely constant. Realization of a similar way of management is considered in this article. The work of the control system is investigated by means of model operation in a software package of Matlab Simulink. The characteristic is given to the received results.


Synchronized asynchronous electric drive, slip-ring induction motor, variable-speed drive, motor, uncontrolled rectifier, self-excited current inverter, control system, control stability, relay current regulator, mathematical model, Matlab Simulink.

Victor N. Meshcheryakov

D.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of the Department of electric drive, Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk, Russia.

Dmitriy S. Sibirtsev

Postgraduate Student, the Department of electric drive, Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk, Russia.

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