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Sealed pumps based on synchronous variable frequency drives, as a rule, do not use speed sensors, or position, that determines the use of different observers, allowing for known control inputs and some directly measurable state variables of the actuator to indirectly determine the necessary coordinates. The aim of this work is to assess the technical possibilities and the indicators used in General systems of vector control of different types of observers. The authors compared the observer position and velocity based on the assessment of EMF motor with a conventional inertial filter of the first order; the observer position and velocity based on the evaluation of the EMF of the motor using a Kalman filter; an intermittent observer status; observer unstable situation zeroed integrator and an adaptive observer. The analysis of observers is made using the example developed in JSC "Corporation "VENIAM" variable frequency drives sealed pump with synchronous motor with permanent magnets. The research shows the limitations of the listed observers and the advantages of using adaptive observers.


Leak-proof motor, synchronous motor, frequency Converter, observer, mathematical model, vector control.

Evgeny V. Volodin

Engineer, «VNIIEM Corporation», Moscow, Russia.

Oleg I. Osipov

D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor, the department of automatic electric drive, Scientific research university “MEI”, Moscow, Russia.

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